Deposit 3D macromolecular structures to the PDB

- wwPDB OneDep System
X-ray, EM, NMR

To deposit NMR data (not an NMR structure) at BMRB

- To try the completely new, improved BMRBDep deposition system (still in beta) please proceed here.

- using BMRB-only ADIT-NMR deposition system:

We encourage you to start a deposition early and use BMRB-only ADIT-NMR as a notebook that you fill in as you go along. We have no plans to delete the incomplete sessions so your session should remain accessible for a long time (years). Submitted sessions (i.e. after you click on "Deposit" button and receive a BMRB ID for your entry) cannot be edited, but you can log on and download the "preview" file with the metadata you've entered. That file can then be used to bootstrap another ADIT-NMR session and pre-populate almost all fields in the interface.

Users from SE Asia are encouraged to deposit to the regional BMRB mirror site PDBJ-BMRB:

Please note that depositions started at PDBJ-BMRB can not be continued on the UW-Madison server, and vice versa.

To create a new NMR data deposition press the BEGIN button:

To continue an existing session from an earlier date enter your session restart ID and press the CONTINUE SESSION button:

Note that sessions started on the previous version of the ADIT-NMR system cannot be resumed here. They can, however, be migrated to this server: please contact for details.

To start a new deposition using a previously submitted BMRB entry please read these instructions

You can access files in an existing ADIT-NMR session via the file download page.

Note: to access files from sessions started on the previous version of the ADIT-NMR system, please contact

New users: please read ADIT-NMR tutorial

- using FTP
You can upload large files, such as timedomain data directories for a BMRB entry to the BMRB FTP server at

Read FTP upload instructions