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ADIT-NMR tool for creating individual or combined depositions to BMRB and PDB
The PDB entry requirements can be found on this page: http://www.wwpdb.org/policy.html
This deposition system will be superseded by the wwPDB Deposition System by July 2016.
If you are depositing an NMR structure to Protein Data Bank, please try out the beta version of the New wwPDB Deposition System at http://deposit-next.wwpdb.org/
If you are NOT depositing coordinates to PDB, please try out the beta version of the "BMRB-only" ADIT-NMR at http://deposit-beta.bmrb.wisc.edu/
Entries submitted through deposit-beta will be processed and released just like the regular "non-beta" depositions.

To create a new ADIT-NMR deposition
(including an NMR structure based on a previously deposited set of assigned chemical shifts):

  • Press the BEGIN button
New ADIT-NMR Session

To continue with an existing session from an earlier date:

  • Enter your session restart ID
  • Press the CONTINUE SESSION button
Continue Previous Session
Session Restart ID
example: 2008-07-01.serverhostname.9999.12345678

To begin a new deposition using a previous deposition
(metadata such as author names will be filled in from the previous deposition, new experimental data required):

  • Enter the previous deposition's Restart ID
  • Press the NEW SESSION button
New Session Copied From Previous Deposition
Previous Session's Restart ID
example: 2006-07-01.serverhostname.9999.12345678

Please send any questions regarding your PDB entry to: deposit@deposit.rcsb.org
Please send any questions regarding your BMRB entry to: bmrbhelp@bmrb.wisc.edu
Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the ADIT-NMR deposition tool itself can be sent to: bmrbhelp@bmrb.wisc.edu